Candy industry continues to develop

    The rapid development of China's candy industry has drawn people's attention in recent years. According to statistics, the candy industry in our country has maintained a high growth rate of 8%-12% for many years in a row. In 2012, the national output of candies reached 2.4713 million tons, an increase of 10.67% over the previous year, achieving an industrial output value of 75.749 billion yuan. From January to November 2013, the total output of candy in the country has reached 2,469,200 tons. The rapid development of the candy industry has reached an important stage of double upgrading of brands and products. Chinese candy is also responding to the escalating domestic consumption with an increasingly rich product mix market.

The trend of candy market

    First, chocolate candy, continue to lead the development of high-end candy

At present, the annual consumption of chocolate in China is about 3 billion yuan and the per capita consumption of chocolate is about 40-70 grams per year. The market value has about 350 million U.S. dollars, accounting for only 0.5% of the international market. Per capita consumption of chocolate in Europe is more than 7kg, Asia, South Korea, Japan, as an average of 2kg, the industry generally believe that China's chocolate market will have 10% -15% annual growth rate. After the long-term market cultivation of chocolate by multinational corporations, China's chocolate market has entered the growth stage of the market, and the market capacity is becoming larger and larger.

Secondly, gum base candy.

    The market growth rate of gum steadily rose, and the it has always been the main selling point of the concepts of "health, convenience and fashion". Product innovation is the key for gum-based enterprises.

thirdly, low-sugar and sugar-free product

    Healthy has become a trend and popular in the food market, sugar-free candy is an extension of the candy brand to the high-end product category. Sugar-free candy─Foreign investors are optimistic about this market in China and actively develop sugar-free candy, especially in chewing gum and hard candy.

Fourly, new flavors to meet the new consumer demand

     Since 2012, the best-selling of candy t is Brown sugar-plum, so that Jinguan dominatein the candy market. In 2014, a candy company in Guangdong introduced a double fruit cake of "little soft" brown sugar, "real fruit" and "real double." Small soft launch of the double new flavors, brown sugar and other fruit mix, strawberry, grapefruit. This is a new breakthrough in the form of candy.

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