In 2013, beverage manufacturing enterprises main revenue reached 1.5 trillion yuan, which increased to 12.1% over the same period of previous year. A good economic environment has created favorable conditions for the rapid development of beverage enterprises.


The trend of drinking market

    First, fermented drinks, leading the new health fashion

   The competitive market for drinks has always been seriouly. Under the influence of the emerging concept of healthy consumption, people have pay more attention on the health care. The fermented beverage reveals his unique charm as the beverage market is booming. In recent years, major dairy companies have launched their own lactic acid bacteria milk drinks, fermented drinks in the beverage market continue to "fermentation"!

Second, specialty products, break new health world

In recent years, Chinese traditional health juices have become popular and unifying. Wahaha, Huiyuan and so on have successively launched some popular drinkings. Coconut juice, walnut juice, mango juice and peanut milk will not endure.

Third, the complex drinks

Consumers' enthusiasm for novelty drinks has prompted beverage manufacturers to innovate in the flavors of drinks, and composite beverages will be the product of the trend. For example: soda wine, fruit juice tea, milk juice, and carbonated drinks and tea combination and so on.

Fourth, "water" power

Water is always the protagonist of the beverage, now the major companies introduced new products, there is no lack of "water". Wahaha launched of "oxygen-rich water," the concept of health water purification; Coca-Cola's "water music" market also become more and more popular.

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