In recent years, the demand for bakery products in China has been rapidly increasing. According to statistics, from 2008 to 2012, the sales revenue of bakery industry in China reached an average annual growth rate of 28.85%. By the end of 2012, the sales income of the industry reached 188.664 billion yuan, increased 13.6%. In 2013, the confectionery companies such as Golden Delicious, Golden Delicious and many other top brands entered the baking industry one after another, such a message indicates.

                    Prediction of baking food trends


     First, the traditional snack industry, the perfect combination of sweet and salty taste.

A small meat muffin, a single store monthly volume reached 33910 units online, as well as the sales more than 2 million. The meat muffins in Fujian got industrialization upgrade, with its crispy shell, sweet and savory meat stuffing, but also to better salty people's appetite. In addition, there are pastries, green groups, dumplings and other snacks industrialized upgrade.


Second, Western-style pastries in line with today's fast-paced life

At present, small packs of western-style pastries on the shelves of supermarkets, such as Dorayaki, chicken cakes, swiss rolls and French buns. Could be used as breakfasts, snacks for supper or picnic. Now its were received by consumers of different ages. 


Third, cross-cutting joint alliances

Category innovation, always alien figure. The grafting of other types of food always brings unexpected new ideas to traditional baked goods. In bakery shop, it has always been leading the bakery fashion.

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